Val Lutey's Gallery...

On BlueOn Blue
Butterfly Eggs on Lettuc...Butterfly Eggs on Lettuce
Monkey BusinessMonkey Business
Indian Vulture 2Indian Vulture 2
Grand Canyon RecessionGrand Canyon Recession
Church Window-evening Li...Church Window-evening Light
Bay BoatsBay Boats
Stormy SennenStormy Sennen
Hard FrostHard Frost
Follow That CarFollow That Car
Flooded CrossingFlooded Crossing
Dodgey WeatherDodgey Weather
Speed CheckSpeed Check
Sacred CowSacred Cow
Missing WindowMissing Window
Lion YawnLion Yawn
Big SisterBig Sister
Baloon RacinBaloon Racin
Shell AbstractShell Abstract
Root AbstractRoot Abstract
Leaf AbstractLeaf Abstract
Creeper AbstractCreeper Abstract
Cactus AbstractCactus Abstract
What's New PussycatWhat's New Pussycat
Latest RainwearLatest Rainwear
Eyebrow ShapinEyebrow Shapin
Cool KidCool Kid
Red Bridge HanoiRed Bridge Hanoi
Early Morning MistEarly Morning Mist
Backlit ButterflyBacklit Butterfly
Adder in BrackenAdder in Bracken
Work Dog ThereWork Dog There
Work Dog HereWork Dog Here
Work Dog Hedge CheckWork Dog Hedge Check
Work Dog ExhaustedWork Dog Exhausted
Work Dog Chat Work Dog Chat
Sari WomanSari Woman
Rain DelayRain Delay
Onecuphappy AlldayOnecuphappy Allday
Indian VultureIndian Vulture
Head Dress ManHead Dress Man
Arctic ReindeerArctic Reindeer
Together TimeTogether Time
The FallThe Fall
Temple RoovesTemple Rooves
Team TacticsTeam Tactics
Ladybower Reservoir-derb...Ladybower Reservoir-derbyshire
Flower GirlFlower Girl
Red TractorRed Tractor
Png ManPng Man
Jimmy ChooJimmy Choo
Cathedral SeatsCathedral Seats
Big SkyBig Sky
E++ Delapidation5E++ Delapidation5
D++ Delapidation4D++ Delapidation4
C++ Delapidation3C++ Delapidation3
B++ Delapidation2B++ Delapidation2
A++ Delapidation1A++ Delapidation1
Stormy DartmoorStormy Dartmoor
Pond ReflectionPond Reflection
Lost in a TranceLost in a Trance
Charmed SnakeCharmed Snake
Cactus AbstractusCactus Abstractus
Storm BrewingStorm Brewing
Ox Driven WaterwheelOx Driven Waterwheel
Cold ComfortCold Comfort
Chinese Lusheng Pipe Pla...Chinese Lusheng Pipe Player
Women at WorkWomen at Work
Woburn5-macaque FamilyWoburn5-macaque Family
Woburn3-black BearWoburn3-black Bear
Woburn2-sable AntelopeWoburn2-sable Antelope
Woburn1-ankole CowWoburn1-ankole Cow
Walk in the SnowWalk in the Snow
Vaulted Ceiling - Wells ...Vaulted Ceiling - Wells Cathedral
Tyred OutTyred Out
Turn Left Past the Chaos...Turn Left Past the Chaos
Tromso ViewTromso View
Tromso in MarchTromso in March
Tree at TwilightTree at Twilight
Time for a NapTime for a Nap
Tiger Turning (w)Tiger Turning (w)
Tiger Stalking (w)Tiger Stalking (w)
Tiger (w)Tiger (w)
Three +1Three +1
The GardenerThe Gardener
Terracotta WarriorsTerracotta Warriors
Taking a BreakTaking a Break
Taj Mahal - monoTaj Mahal - mono
Snow Plough at WorkSnow Plough at Work
Sleeping MacaqueSleeping Macaque
Shoes Off Or Else !Shoes Off Or Else !
Shanghai RiverboatShanghai Riverboat
Rice PaddiesRice Paddies
Red CraneRed Crane
Profile Camel's HeadProfile Camel's Head
Problem SolversProblem Solvers
Praying Won't HelpPraying Won't Help
Portrait of a DancerPortrait of a Dancer
Plate for SalePlate for Sale
Passer byPasser by
On ParadeOn Parade
No ProtectionNo Protection
Nightlights 5Nightlights 5
Nightlights 4Nightlights 4
Nightlights 3Nightlights 3
Nightlights 2Nightlights 2
Nightlights 1Nightlights 1
Jaisalmer WomanJaisalmer Woman
Jain PriestJain Priest
Indian WomanIndian Woman
Indian Tiger (w)Indian Tiger (w)
Indian SunsetIndian Sunset
Indian Jackal (w)Indian Jackal (w)
Incense OfferingIncense Offering
I Can't Go onI Can't Go on
I Can do ThisI Can do This
Hot SpotHot Spot
Hidden TowerHidden Tower
Great Wall Tourist Entra...Great Wall Tourist Entrance
Great Wall Bus ParkGreat Wall Bus Park
Feeding TimeFeeding Time
Fancy Pants - CopyFancy Pants - Copy
Enter Blue WaterEnter Blue Water
Engine Driver EarlEngine Driver Earl
End of the TunnelEnd of the Tunnel
Cracking NutsCracking Nuts
Courtyard WindowCourtyard Window
Columbia LabelColumbia Label
Cloud CoverCloud Cover
Bus DriverBus Driver
Broken WindowBroken Window
Blue-tailed Bee-eaterBlue-tailed Bee-eater
Big Sky Small BoatBig Sky Small Boat