Mike Langley's Gallery...

Working from HomeWorking from Home
Urban White StorkUrban White Stork
Red in the IceRed in the Ice
Mackerel FliesMackerel Flies
Discussing the CatchDiscussing the Catch
Red and YellowRed and Yellow
Ice DanceIce Dance
Green on PurpleGreen on Purple
Broken HeartBroken Heart
Spring Melt Spring Melt
Snack Before we LeaveSnack Before we Leave
Crab SpiderCrab Spider
Swiss RailwaySwiss Railway
More Snow ComingMore Snow Coming
Monday Day FeelingMonday Day Feeling
Lady in the Mist CopyLady in the Mist Copy
Wooden TopWooden Top
Red in IceRed in Ice
Humming Bird Hawk MothHumming Bird Hawk Moth
Eco SurfinEco Surfin
Aonach MountainsAonach Mountains
Windy Wild LowersWindy Wild Lowers
Tree BarkTree Bark
Red & GreenRed & Green
Ice LockedIce Locked
Waiting for CustomersWaiting for Customers
Red is the ColourRed is the Colour
Just Hats Just Hats
Going DutchGoing Dutch
The ForemanThe Foreman
July Belle MothJuly Belle Moth
I Can FlyI Can Fly
German DriversGerman Drivers
Femle Broad Bodied Chase...Femle Broad Bodied Chaser
Early Morning Stoughhead...Early Morning Stoughhead
Privet Hawk-mothPrivet Hawk-moth
Northern CanalNorthern Canal
Lonely HarbourLonely Harbour
Hummingbird Hawk-mothHummingbird Hawk-moth
First TimerFirst Timer
Finders Keepers 2Finders Keepers 2
Nearly at the TopNearly at the Top
Locked in the TowerLocked in the Tower
East Coast Storm ComingEast Coast Storm Coming
Common BlueCommon Blue
Cockchafer's HeadCockchafer's Head
White TreesWhite Trees
Male Early Thorn MothMale Early Thorn Moth
Left to the ElementsLeft to the Elements
Garden RatGarden Rat
Finders KeepersFinders Keepers
Counting CarsCounting Cars
Wind RushWind Rush
Pollen SeakerPollen Seaker
Pack Up Storm ComingPack Up Storm Coming
Lets Fly the Kite Lets Fly the Kite
Cream Tiger MothCream Tiger Moth
A Great Spotted Woodpeck...A Great Spotted Woodpecker
6 Spot Burnet6 Spot Burnet
Man of the WoodsMan of the Woods
Eye of the TigerEye of the Tiger
E++ Nh 5-2E++ Nh 5-2
Doggy DistanceDoggy Distance
D++ Nh 4-2D++ Nh 4-2
C++ Nh 3-2C++ Nh 3-2
B++ Nh 2-2B++ Nh 2-2
A++ Nh 1-2A++ Nh 1-2
A Wee ScotsmanA Wee Scotsman
The Red Bridge The Red Bridge
Social DistancingSocial Distancing
Keep Off the GrassKeep Off the Grass
Feeding Great Spotted Wo...Feeding Great Spotted Woodpecker
Elephant Hawk-mothElephant Hawk-moth
Nh 5-2Nh 5-2
Nh 4-2Nh 4-2
Nh 3-2Nh 3-2
Nh 2-2Nh 2-2
Nh 1-2Nh 1-2
The Old ShopThe Old Shop
Old Spanish ChurchOld Spanish Church
Hover FlyHover Fly
Flying the MountainFlying the Mountain
Elephant HawkmouthElephant Hawkmouth
Can You Hear itCan You Hear it
Painted Lady FeedingPainted Lady Feeding
He Who Dares WinsHe Who Dares Wins
Dover CliffsDover Cliffs
Winter WalkWinter Walk
Winter ShopperWinter Shopper
Window ViewWindow View
Will They ChangeWill They Change
Who Pays the FerrymanWho Pays the Ferryman
War HorseWar Horse
Tow to the StartTow to the Start
Then Two Come AlongThen Two Come Along
The Tea BreakThe Tea Break
The School RunThe School Run
The Old CanteenThe Old Canteen
The JumpThe Jump
The Deal is DoneThe Deal is Done
Tea BreakTea Break
Storm Over IonaStorm Over Iona
Ski SlopesSki Slopes
Six Spot Burnet MothSix Spot Burnet Moth
Saucers in the SandSaucers in the Sand
Riverside Home Riverside Home
Ride in the ParkRide in the Park
Pan - CliffsPan - Cliffs
Pan - BoatsPan - Boats
Pan - St IvesPan -  St Ives
No ParkingNo Parking
Night FlightNight Flight
Nh 5Nh 5
Nh 4Nh 4
Nh 3Nh 3
Nh 2Nh 2
Newly Emerged Common Haw...Newly Emerged Common Hawker
Male GorillaMale Gorilla
Male Beautiful Demolsell...Male Beautiful Demolselle
Look No HandsLook No Hands
Letter Rock PartyLetter Rock Party
Letter - TimeLetter - Time
Letter - Archer Letter - Archer
Lake SideLake Side
Industrial ReflectiosIndustrial Reflectios
Industrial LandscapeIndustrial Landscape
Harvest TimeHarvest Time
Green Shield Bug ' W'Green Shield Bug ' W'
Great Spotted Woodpecker...Great Spotted Woodpecker
Goonhilly Wind TurbinesGoonhilly Wind Turbines
Full UpFull Up
Ford Versus ChevoletFord Versus Chevolet
Flying the MountainsFlying the Mountains
Floral UnbrellasFloral Unbrellas
Cumbrian FlightCumbrian Flight
Common DarterCommon Darter
Checking the Fruit Stall...Checking the Fruit Stall
Catch the WindCatch the Wind
Bush CricketBush Cricket
Bush Cricket (2)Bush Cricket (2)
Bracket FungiBracket Fungi
Blue Tit in Winter Pluma...Blue Tit in Winter Plumage
Bike RackBike Rack
Beautiful Damoiselle Com...Beautiful Damoiselle Coming in to Mate
Beach PoniesBeach Ponies
Angry WorkrmanAngry Workrman
Amsterdam BuyerAmsterdam Buyer
All AboardAll Aboard
African Fish EagleAfrican Fish Eagle